Devlog4 production sprint 1 week 2 of 3

Another week another build. Our artists could finally get off their lazy asses and add a dash of color to the grey affair. and the devs, well they just did dev things that the artists can’t understand or even try to comprehend.

But to get into it, we did tons of stuff this week. Art-wise, we created the textures for the ship and another trim texture to be used later on. We also made some props for which we have some future plans that are yet to be implemented. Also, Our cannons are finally standing at the ready and you’ll be able to rain down both fire and fury and your enemies, but let’s not get political here.Taking what we learned from the feedback from last weeks build, we shifted our camera angle quite a bit. We tried to make it so that the player would have an unobstructed view of the playable area while still showing the background without wasting too much screen space.Picking things up now also goes a lot smoother then it did in the prototype. And you’ll need those pickups because fires are spreading, and the wood in our game sadly isn’t fireproof.

For the remaining week of sprint 1, we will finally implement a visible enemy ship, and your ship will once again be shot full of holes by it. We also plan to give players the freedom to start killing each other, like we mentioned a few devlogs ago and to use each other’s bodies as interactable objects.

But until then, back to the grindstone we go. 

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Mar 20, 2018

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